Guerin Family

Veronica Guerin was the second youngest in a family of three girls and two boys. Her father, Christopher rain his own accountancy firm while her mother Bernadette stayed home and took care of the family.

Guerin was closest to the youngest sibling in her family, Jimmy. Jimmy looked up to his big sister and she would take the time to help him with his homework and even helped to set him up with his first girlfriend. Guerin was only a year older than Jimmy and so being with someone that close in age allowed for a strong bond to form. Jimmy said, “Veronica was more of a friend, and she was great in many ways. She was good fun.”

Her family remember Guerin as always being determined and never slacking off. She was well-known to them at a young age that when she wanted something she went out and retrieved it. “When she set out to do something, she became the best at it,” Jimmy said.

Bernadette believed that her daughter had a very charismatic charm about her personality which allowed her to obtain the information necessary for her to write her stories. Her daughter was likable and knew what to say and how to say it in order to get the truth. Bernadette said  “She was incredibly charming, incredibly vibrant, and was a great reader of situations, which was why these criminals were able to open up.”

Guerin cared about the people she interacted with and was always wanting to help. According to Bernadette, “From the time Veronica was a child, Veronica cared about people. If she saw that there was a niche there where she could help in some way, yeah, the crusader took over.”

This shows that Guerin grew up with that need and want to help. She had a desire to offer her assistance even if for only a little bit. When Guerin was beat by Gilligan, her mother remembers holding her daughter as she cried. This sign of weakness shows that she was comfortable with her mother and that they had a good relationship. Guerin obviously felt that her mother was someone she could trust and rely on whenever she had doubts about what she was doing or reporting on.

Strong family values continued into Guerin’s own family. Close friends recall Guerin always placing her son and his needs above her own. She spent as much time as she could with her little boy and husband and had a good stronger relationship with both. Now, years later her son Cathal is “is troublesome and boisterous and everything his mother [was],” according to her brother Jimmy.

When asked about how he thought Guerin would feel about the film, he said “She would have hated it because she wouldn’t see that she deserved it.”

Guerin’s legacy continues to live on in her family as well as in the Sunday Independent. Jimmy picked up where his sister left off, writing for the paper as their crime reporter.



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